Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LEDuino arrives!

Well, I got myself a LEDuino -- its much smaller than I had thought -- very cute. So far I have just run it with the Arduino software and made a led fade in and out. However, now the fun and more difficult part begins --- developing some libraries to use the DCC and CAN connections it has on board. These are used in the model railroading community to network their trains and accessories.

JMRI wins a Big one.

The open source project JMRI, Java Model Railroad Interface, lead by Bob Jacobsen has won a significant battle in their legal action with KAM Industries. Matt Katzer, the owner of KAM industries had sued Jacobsen over patent infringement. One of Katzer's employees had used some of the JMRI project data with attribution. The Appeals Court has ruled that open source licenses, such as the Artistic Licence, is enforcable as a copyright.